Call for Papers “The Struggle for Socio-Environmental Rights”

Members of social movements, indigenous peoples, quilombos and traditional communities from Brazil and Canada met October 18-21, 2017 at Bishop's University in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, at the Conference, “The Struggle for Social and Environmental Rights: Brazil and Canada in Solidarity”.

Socio-environmental rights are norms intended to protect biodiversity and socio-diversity, which promote of social and environmental justice and the realization of environmental, territorial, social and cultural rights of indigenous peoples and traditional communities. Thus, the conference at Bishop’s created a forum to discuss common experiences in the struggle for social and environmental rights in the global North and South. The event generated links of solidarity, which are found in the dialectic between contextual differences and the common conjunctures of a system of exploitation and a more or less unified field of global domination. It is in this dialectic that emancipatory ideas and actions arise together with the resistance of movements in diverse scales and territories.

As a result of this conference, and in affiliation with the Working Group "Traditional Peoples and Communities, the Agrarian Question and Social and Environmental Conflicts", of the Institute for Research on Rights and Social Movements (IPDMS), we launch this call for papers to the academic community, researchers and activists from social movements to present articles for the upcoming journal issue entitled, “The Struggle for Socio-Environmental Rights”, coordinated by Bruce Gilbert (Bishop's University), Erika Macedo Moreira (Federal University of Goiás), Hugo Belarmino de Morais (Federal University of Paraíba), Janaína Tude Sevá (Federal University of Goiás) and Priscylla Joca (University of Montréal).

This will comprise the second edition of the 2018 volume of the journal InSURgência (v. 4, n. 2, July/December, 2018). We invite not only participants of this congress to submit their works, but also all those who would like to contribute on this topic. We invite you to submit articles not only about the Brazilian and Canadian contexts, but also analyzes from other places in the Americas and in the world.

Articles are welcome in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French. Articles may be based on empirical research as well as studies that contain intersectional studies of gender, race, ethnicity and generational. The issue intends to cover the following themes:

• Challenges and juridical-political strategies in the realization of the socio-environmental rights of indigenous peoples, quilombolas, traditional communities and peasantry in the face of confrontations with national states, transnational capitalism and extractive industries.

• The right to prior, free and informed consultation and veto power in the face of violations of the socio-environmental rights of indigenous peoples, quilombolas, traditional communities and peasants.

• Critical analyzes of the increasing criminalization and violence against indigenous peoples, quilombolas, traditional communities and peasants and their experiences of resistance to the struggle for social and environmental rights.

• The ways in which socio-environmental rights have been recognized, declared and applied by the international human rights system and by states in the contemporary world.
• Indigenous legal traditions, legal pluralism and other contemporary legal-political strategies of indigenous peoples, quilombolas, traditional communities, peasants and social movements in the struggle for socio-environmental rights.

• Experiences and resistances of indigenous peoples, quilombolas, traditional communities and peasants against the commodification of nature and common goods as an expression of social and environmental rights.

Submission period: from May 12 to October 1, 2018.