All texts submitted to SiD must be submitted digitally, typed in word processors such as Microsoft Word or compatible with the last one.   


Cover sheet with author information

It must contain the title of the article (in English and second language – original or Portuguese) and information about the authors:

  • Name, highest degree, position/institutional affiliation (institution name in full), city, state (acronym), country and email address, in Arial 12;
  • Postdoctoral or ongoing courses are not degrees.

Number of characters

The text must contain between 30 thousand to 50 thousand characters (with spaces), including the bibliographic listing, notes, annexes, tables, etc. 


Titles must express the content of the work and also facilitate its location in an internet search.

  • They must have a maximum of 20 words, with only the first letter in capital letters, with the exception of proper names;
  • Available in English and a second language (original or Portuguese):
  • Arial 16 font, in bold, right-aligned, with single spacing between lines;
  • The title in the second language must appear in italics;                       

          Ex: The risk of backtraking on brasilian pesticide regulation 

                 Risco de retrocesso na legislação brasileira sobre o uso de agrotóxico


Must be inserted in the blind version of the article (without author information):  

  • 100 to 150 words, in Arial 12, justified, single line spacing;
  • The abstract is not a mere formality, it is the text's business card;  

Note: Note: Many authors have their work summarily rejected when they do not consider the need for a translation with academic rigour without using translation software such as Google Translator.


As well as the title and the abstract, they are also the text calling card. Therefore, it is recommended to choose terms illustrating the content of the text, such as concepts, places, methods, among others:

4 to 6 keywords must be provided written in two languages (English and second language  - original or Portuguese);

Font Arial 12, below the Abstract/Abstract, separated by dots;

Text body 

  • In Arial 12, black, left and top margins of 3.0 cm and right and bottom margins of 2.0 cm, with 1.5 spacing between lines; 
  • Italics should be used for foreign words and underlined in email addresses;
  • Numbering must be included in subtitles, containing no more than two levels (eg 3.1). From this level onwards, the use of subtitles in italics should be used;
  • Footnotes should be avoided, being placed in Arabic numerals at the end of the text (in the form of endnotes), before the bibliographical references; 
  • The Introduction and Conclusion must also be numbered.

Illustrations, tables, graphs, figures and the like

  • After the fourth figure or table, each new addition will count as 1500 characters from the total of the article;
  • They must be sent in the body of the text, with a minimum resolution of 600 dpi;
  • Subtitles, titles, authorships and fonts, in Arial 10, with simple spacing between lines;
  • The use of images by other authors (photos, maps, graphics) requires public domain certification or authorization for reproduction.

Supplementary material and attachments

  • SiD does not publish supplementary material or attachments - these must be introduced in the body of the text in accordance with the established rules regarding the number of figures and tables (above).