Ethics Statement

It is also recommended to read the Declaration on ethics and bad publishing practices. 

Article authorship should be limited to those who made a significant contribution to the conception, design, execution or interpretation of the reported study. Anyone who has made significant contributions should appear as co-authors. If others have participated in certain substantive aspects of the research project, they should be credited or listed as contributors only in a note or acknowledgements.

The corresponding author must ensure that all co-authors appear in the appropriate place in the manuscript and all of them must have seen and approved the final version of the document, agreeing to its submission for evaluation and eventual publication in SiD.

Scientific articles involving research with human beings must comply with the principles and procedures of the National Ethics Commission (CONEP) and the Research Ethics Committee (CEP), defined in Resolutions 466/2012 and 510/2016 of the National Health Council/ Ministry of Health.