Sustainability in Debate - SiD - publishes, in 3 editions per year, original articles, based on interdisciplinary research, capable of achieving a strong impact on studies conducted in the fields of sustainable development and on sustainability policies at different scales.

The publication by the Centre for Sustainable Development (CDS) at the University of Brasília (UnB), Brazil, is aimed at the national and international scientific community, as well as users of knowledge on sustainable development and sustainability policies in government, international agencies, in civil society, NGOs and the private sector.

In line with the objective of disseminating knowledge to the academic community, nationally and internationally, all approved works are published in English.


ISSN: 2179-9067
Qualis Periodicals - CAPES:

  • B1 in Environmental Science
  • B1 in Urban and Regional Planning/Demography
  • B2 in Interdisciplinary