“Indigenous intellectuals embrace anthropology. Will it still be the same?”A needed debate





higher education, indigenous students, ecumenical anthropology, Alcida Rita Ramos


Two decades have passed since indigenous peoples began to have access to higher education in Brazil, and about fifteen years since the first indigenous anthropologists graduated. This is a short time, considering the weight of over five centuries of colonization. However, indigenous scholars trained in universities have already produced some essays on their first theoretical, methodological, and political findings in anthropology. Due to the substantial increase of indigenous professionals, we now live in rich, effervescent and promising times regarding future accomplishments, despite the many challenges, doubts and reservations.


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Biografia do Autor

Gersem Baniwa, Universidade de Brasília

Professor at the University of Brasilia. Graduated in Philosophy, master and doctorate in Social Anthropology. He was Professor, Coordinator of the Training Course for Indigenous Teachers and Director of Affirmative Policies at the Federal University of Amazonas. He was Counselor at the National Council of Education, Municipal Secretary of Education of São Gabriel da Cachoeira/AM, President of the Indigenous Center for Studies and Research, General Coordinator of Indigenous School Education at the Ministry of Education, Director of the Federation of Indigenous Organizations of Rio Negro and General Coordinator of the Coordination of Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon.


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Baniwa, Gersem. 2023. “‘Indigenous Intellectuals Embrace Anthropology. Will It Still Be the same?’A Needed Debate”. Anuário Antropológico 48 (1):53-60. https://doi.org/10.4000/aa.10515.



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