Issue Title
Archai Journal nº19 (January, 2017) Socrates’ veil in the Phaedrus and the weave of the Platonic dialogues Abstract  PDF (Català)
Jonathan Lavilla de Lera
Archai Journal nº16 (January, 2016) From one sort of reciprocity to another: the specialization of the tasks and functions as a principle of political unity in Plato’s Republic Abstract  PDF (Français (Canada))
Etienne Helmer
Archai Journal nº16 (January, 2016) Politis, V. (2015). The Structure of Enquiry in Plato’s Early Dialogues. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. Abstract  PDF
Pauline Sabrier
Archai Journal nº16 (January, 2016) Plato’s methodological strategy in the first part of the Theaetetus Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
Graciela Elena Marcos de Pinotti
Archai Journal nº23 (May, 2018) Plato's theory of punishment in book IX of Laws Abstract  PDF
Silvia regina da silva Barros da Cunha
Archai Journal nº16 (January, 2016) The exchange of pleasures and pains in the Phaedo Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Marcelo Marques
Archai Journal nº23 (May, 2018) Plato. Letters: Letter V Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Rodolfo Lopes, Gabriele Cornelli
Archai Journal nº16 (January, 2016) Phaedo, 69c: why are the βάκχοι the true philosophers? Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
Alberto Bernabe
Archai Journal nº23 (May, 2018) The image of kinaidos in Plato’s Gorgias Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Luiz Eduardo Freitas
Archai Journal nº15 (July, 2015) History and Prehistory of Philosophy: Some Key Dates Abstract  PDF (Italiano)
Livio Rossetti
Archai Journal nº23 (May, 2018) Therapeutic Tables and Healthy Tables: Platonic Texts in Dialogue with Hippocratic and Gastronomic Literature Abstract  PDF (Português (Portugal))
Carmen Soares
Archai Journal nº16 (January, 2016) Benoit, H. (2015). Platão e as temporalidades: a questão metodológica. São Paulo, Annablume. Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Eliane Christina Souza
Archai Journal nº23 (May, 2018) After Socrates – A Trilogy: (i) Remembering Socrates Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Guilherme da Costa Assunção Cecílio, Mariana Machado Rodrigues e Silva Martins
Archai Journal nº9 (July, 2012) The senses of Eleuthería in the Republic of Plato Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Anastácio Borges de Araújo Júnior
Archai Journal nº23 (May, 2018) Plato on the Traditional Definition of Knowledge Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Jose Lourenco Pereira da Silva
Archai Journal nº21 (September, 2017) Plato. Letters: Letter III Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Rodolfo Lopes, Gabriele Cornelli
Archai Journal nº13 (July, 2014) Horky, P. S. (2013). Plato and Pythagoreanism. Oxford University Press. Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Michael Weinman
Archai Journal nº24 (September, 2018) Plato. Letters: Letter VI Abstract  PDF (Português (Portugal))
Gabriele Cornelli, Rodolfo Lopes
Archai Journal nº24 (September, 2018) To be or not to be a Name. Tertium non datur. Cratylus’ Prophecy in Plato’s Cratylus Abstract  PDF (Italiano)
Barbara Botter
Archai Journal nº24 (September, 2018) Metamorphoses of logos: from non-predicative to predicative Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
José Gabriel Trindade Santos
Archai Journal nº12 (January, 2014) The Visible Cosmos of Dialogues. Some Historical and Philosophical Remarks about Plato in the Late Antique Schools Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Anna Motta
Archai Journal nº2 (January, 2009) The poet and the city: Plato fights Homer Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Alzira Silvestre dos Santos
Archai Journal nº9 (July, 2012) Performance and Elenkhos in Plato's Ion Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Fernando Muniz
Archai Journal nº1 (July, 2008) The derealization of the old city in the ideal city Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Erika Bataglia da Costa
Archai Journal nº13 (July, 2014) THE NEWS OF MYTHS GIFTS IN THE PLATO WORK Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Izabela Aquino Bocayuva
Archai Journal nº5 (July, 2010) The space and the matter in Plato's Timeo: on the translation of Calcidio of the term χώρα Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Antoni Bordoy
Archai Journal nº12 (January, 2014) Goodness And Beauty In Plato Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Nicholas Riegel
Archai Journal nº11 (July, 2013) The Retorn to the Politics com a Fonamentació de la Ciutat Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Josep Monserrat-Molas
Archai Journal nº13 (July, 2014) A PHILOSOPHY OF PERCEPTION IN PLATO Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Hugo Filgueiras de Araújo
Archai Journal nº6 (January, 2011) A new Platonic interpretation: The contribution of Schleiermacher Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Mariana Leme Belchior
Archai Journal nº18 (September, 2016) Plato against the naturalism: The staggered dialectic of Cratylus Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
Pilar Spangenberg
Archai Journal nº2 (January, 2009) The nature of the true speech from a convergent approach in Plato and Isocrates Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Robson Régis Silva Costa
Archai Journal nº17 (May, 2016) A strange mixture of pleasure and pain Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Anastácio Borges
Archai Journal nº14 (January, 2015) Plato’s Apology as Forensic Oratory Abstract  PDF
John Roger Tennant
Archai Journal nº14 (January, 2015) Elenchos, Intellectualism and Shame in Plato´s Gorgias Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
Esteban Bieda
Archai Journal nº6 (January, 2011) Written and unwritten numbers in Plato Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Elisabetta Cattanei
Archai Journal nº24 (September, 2018) L. Pitteloud (2017). La séparation dans la métaphysique de Platon. Sankt Augustin, Academia Verlag.  PDF
Pauline Sabrier
Archai Journal nº11 (July, 2013) ANIMALITY OF MAN ACCORDING TO PLATO Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Jérôme Laurent
Archai Journal nº2 (January, 2009) The sorts of justice in the Kallípolis Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
José Wilson da Silva
Archai Journal nº16 (January, 2016) The chameleon -like soul and its ductility: platonic dualisms in the Phaedo Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Gabriele Cornelli
Francesco Fronterotta
Archai Journal nº6 (January, 2011) An example of Protrepical Writing: The Euthydemus Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Lucia Palpacelli
Archai Journal nº18 (September, 2016) The Origins of the Developmental Paradigm for the Interpretation of Plato’s Dialogues Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Renato Matoso
Archai Journal nº2 (January, 2009) Plato's political passion: on philosophical walls and their permeability Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Gabriele Cornelli
Archai Journal nº13 (July, 2014) In the middle of the road Diotima Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Jovelina Maria Ramos de Souza
Archai Journal nº13 (July, 2014) PLEASURE AND MEMORY IN FILEBO Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Marcelo Pimenta Marques
Archai Journal nº6 (January, 2011) Philosophy can't be learned! Plato as a true master and writing as “Protreptical Alusion” Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Maurizio Migliori
Archai Journal nº18 (September, 2016) The reminiscence in Phaedo Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Giovanni Casertano
Archai Journal nº15 (July, 2015) Heraclitism and Heraclitus in Plato’s Cratylus Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Luisa Severo Buarque
Archai Journal nº12 (January, 2014) Plato and the laws of nature Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Luca Pitteloud
Archai Journal nº6 (January, 2011) The reception of the Tübingen-Milan School in Brazil Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Perine Marcelo
Archai Journal nº12 (January, 2014) Plato as an artist Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Christian Viktor Hamm
Archai Journal nº22 (January, 2018) Plato. Letters: Letter IV Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Gabriele Cornelli, Rodolfo Lopes
Archai Journal nº15 (July, 2015) How to use language to explain the movement: a dispute between Plato and Heraclitus Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Celso Oliveira Vieira
Archai Journal nº8 (January, 2012) Hannah Arendt, a critical reader of Plato Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Daiane Eccel
Archai Journal nº12 (January, 2014) Education, customs and laws as bases for the promotion of civic virtues in Protagoras and in the Republic Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Guilherme Motta
Archai Journal nº6 (January, 2011) The Tübingen School’s interpretation of Plato, presented epistemologically as a “Hermeneutical Paradigm” alternative to the currently dominant one Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Giovanni Reale
Archai Journal nº17 (May, 2016) Presuppositions and ethical implications of the dialectical metaphysics in Plato’s Seventh Letter Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Luiz Rohden
Archai Journal nº15 (July, 2015) Notes on Heraclitus in the Theaetetus, Symposium and Sophist Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Ana Flaksman
Archai Journal nº7 (July, 2011) Platonic Phaedrus: A view outside the walls. Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Maria Teresa Schiappa de Azevedo
Archai Journal nº15 (July, 2015) Heraclitus , the becoming and the Platonic-Aristotelian doxography. Abstract  PDF
Francesco Fronterotta
Archai Journal nº19 (January, 2017) Casius Longinus’ Ars Rhetorica and the commentary to the Timaeus. Testimonies of Plato’s reception in Late Antiquity Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
Liliana Carolina Sánchez Castro
Archai Journal nº4 (January, 2010) Plato: Love or condemnation to Athen´s democracy? Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Maria Veralúcia Pessoa Porto
Archai Journal nº13 (July, 2014) Mnemosyne e Lethe: Heideggian interpretation of the truth. Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Alexandre Rubenich Silva
Archai Journal nº15 (July, 2015) The “secret doctrine”, the universal flux and the Heraclitism in the first part of the Theaetetus Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Franco Ferrari
Archai Journal nº8 (January, 2012) Plato and the plagiarism of Epicharmus Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Fernando Santoro
Archai Journal nº15 (July, 2015) Heraclitus, Plato, and the philosophic dogs (A note on Republic II, 375e-376c) Abstract  PDF
Enrique Hülsz Piccone
Archai Journal nº19 (January, 2017) The intermediate character of mathematics and the ontological structure of its elements by Plato and Aristotle Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Gilfranco Lucena dos Santos
Archai Journal nº4 (January, 2010) The aporia of Plato’s Cratylus dialogue Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Ivanaldo Santos
Archai Journal nº17 (May, 2016) The Platonic agnosticism in the Plato’s Phaedo Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Dennys Garcia Xavier
Archai Journal nº13 (July, 2014) The εἰκαστική In Plato’s sophist. Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Lethicia Ouro de Oliveira
Archai Journal nº1 (July, 2008) The ontology as the privileged horizon of Plato’s thought Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Izabela Bocayuva
Archai Journal nº13 (July, 2014) EROS AND PHILIA NA PLATONIC PHILOSOPHY Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Maria Aparecida de Paiva Montenegro
Archai Journal nº6 (January, 2011) Plato and the Pythagoreans Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Thomas Alexander Szlezák
Archai Journal nº19 (January, 2017) On Plato’s artistic definition of philosophy: the Dialogues as the highest form of poetry Abstract  PDF (Deutsch)
M. R. Engler
Archai Journal nº4 (January, 2010) The hideout of the narrators in the third book of Republic Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Diogo Norberto Mesti
Archai Journal nº17 (May, 2016) Soul, death and immortality Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Giovanni Casertano
Archai Journal nº13 (July, 2014) The mythical notion of justice Euripides and Plato Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
JAA Torrano
Archai Journal nº6 (January, 2011) Plato’s theory of Numbers-Principles and its importance to the philosophical reconstruction of Plato’s dialects Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Fabián Mié
Archai Journal nº19 (January, 2017) Writing Philosophy on Stage: Socrates and Anaxagoras, Aristophanes and Plato Abstract  PDF (Français (France))
Massimo Stella
Archai Journal nº3 (July, 2009) A suspicion: About the suppose hierarchy between metaphysics and politics in Plato’s thought Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Wanderson Flor do Nascimento
Archai Journal nº17 (May, 2016) Observations on “the equal” and “the equals”: Phaedo 72e‑77a Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
José Gabriel Santos
Archai Journal nº11 (July, 2013) Philosophical writing and the drama of knowledge in Plato Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Gilmário Guerreiro da Costa
Archai Journal nº14 (January, 2015) Elenchos and Eros: the Case of Socrates and Agathon at Smp Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
María Angelica Fierro
Archai Journal nº18 (September, 2016) The so-called “unwritten doctrines” of Plato: Some notes on the historiographical problem from the beginning until today Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Rodolfo Lopes, Gabriele Cornelli
Archai Journal nº2 (January, 2009) Performance and inteligibility: Translating Plato’s Ion Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Marcus Mota
Archai Journal nº17 (May, 2016) Is Platonism life denying? Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Guilherme Domingues da Motta
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