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We are delighted to include articles on the benefits of e-services for both government and citizens in Mexico, the use of digital currencies in economic crimes in the absence of regulations in Ukraine, the inequalities concerning ethnic minority groups and online education during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Vietnam, the prospects of introducing the digital ruble within the territory of the Russian Federation, the threats and challenges for security measures on the Internet of Things (IoT), the usage of electronic transactions as evidences in court proceedings in Kazakistan, the possibilities of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in digital transactions in Spain, the legal relation between the right of hearings and the media, and the processing of personal data in digital health applications in the COVID-19 Pandemic, both in the Colombian context.


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Editorial Board

Prof. Marcio Iorio Aranha (President) University of Brasilia (UnB), School of Law, Brasilia/DF, BRAZIL
Prof. Ana Frazão University of Brasilia (UnB), School of Law, Brasilia/DF, BRAZIL
Prof. Andre Rossi de Oliveira Utah Valley University, School of Business, Finance and Economics, Orem/UT, USA
Prof. Clara Luz Alvarez Universidad Panamericana, Facultad de Derecho, Ciudad de México, MÉXICO
Prof. Diego Cardona Universidad de Rosario, COLOMBIA
Prof. Flavia M. S. Oliveira University of Brasilia (UnB), School of Technology, Brasilia/DF, BRAZIL
Prof. Francisco Sierra Caballero Universidad de Sevilla, Facultad de Comunicación, Sevilla/Andaluzia, ESPAÑA
Prof. Fabio Bassan Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Dipartimento di Studi Aziendali, Roma, ITALIA
Prof. Hernán Galperin University of Southern California, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, Los Angeles/CA, USA
Prof. Jerônimo Siqueira Tybusch Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (UFSM), Departamento de Direito, BRASIL
Prof. João Alberto de Oliveira Lima Universidade do Legislativo, Brasília, BRASIL
Prof. Juan Manuel Mecinas Montiel Center for Economic Research and Teaching – CIDE, Ciudad de México, MÉXICO
Prof. Judith Mariscal CIDE - MEXICO
Prof. Liliana Ruiz de Alonso Universidad San Martín de Porres, Instituto del Perú, Lima, PERÚ
Prof. Lucas Sierra Universidad de Chile, Escuela de Derecho, Santiago de Chile , CHILE
Prof. Luís Fernando Ramos Molinaro University of Brasilia (UnB), School of Technology, Brasilia/DF, BRAZIL
Prof. Murilo César Ramos University of Brasilia (UnB), School of Communication, Brasilia/DF, BRAZIL
Prof. Raúl Katz Columbia University, Columbia Institute for Tele-Information, New York/NY, USA
Prof. Roberto Muñoz Universidad Técnica Federico Santa Maria, Departamento de Industrias, Valparaíso/Valparaíso, CHILE






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