• Juliano F. Gonçalves UFRGS
  • Tales V. Lisbôa UFRGS
  • Filipe P. Geiger UFRGS
  • Daniel M. De Leon FURG



Thin plates. Parametric optimization. Piezoelectric actuators.


his paper presents a parametric optimization procedure in order to obtain the best position of an actuator bonded to a thin plate. The semi-analytical static response is determined by means of the pb-2 Rayleigh-Ritz Method. The design parameters for the optimization problem are chosen as the position (2-D) and the orientation of a rectangular shaped actuator. The electric-mechanical coupling influence is represented as mechanical forces applied to the plate’s reference surface. The main objective of this work is to find the optimal design sets which would produce a mechanical loading condition that minimizes the transverse displacement of a given point in the plate. The methodology is applied and solutions are obtained for several boundary plate conditions.


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Gonçalves, J. F., Lisbôa, T. V., Geiger, F. P., & M. De Leon, D. (2017). PARAMETRIC OPTIMIZATION OF A PIEZOELECTRIC ACTUATOR BONDED TO AN ISOTROPIC THIN PLATE. Revista Interdisciplinar De Pesquisa Em Engenharia, 2(24), 1–12.