SiD works with a minimum 8-10 articles published in the dossiers. This means guest editors should try to secure at least 12 to 15 submissions as there are possibilities for rejections, delays and dropouts. Each article must be evaluated by two doctoral reviewers and approved by the guest editors and the SiD team.  

Articles submitted must follow the same editorial rules specified for articles in the Varia section.

The entire procedure – submission of scientific articles, invitations to reviewers, submission of articles to reviewers and evaluation – must be done via the SiD journal system, with follow-up and support from the journal's editorial team. 

To allow the articles to be viewed and considered by the invited editors responsible for the Dossier, potential authors must select the "Dossier" section at the time of submission through the journal system.

The finished articles and dossier sections must be sent to the editorial team 45 days before the publication of the edition.

This means that all final English versions (and the version in the original language, if applicable) must be in the hands of the Executive Editor to be submitted for review and design by the IABS Editor.