• Kemron Vidol Ariel Beache UFABC
  • André Fenili UFABC



A rotating beam is fitted with piezoelectric actuators in conjunction with a PD
control and a LQR control technique in order to minimize the deflection of the tip of the flexible beam due to the rotational motion. Both control techniques are used for comparison. Using the lagrangian approach, the discretized governing equation of motion is derived for the beam. The behaviour of the rigid body variable (angular displacement of the slewing axis) is given by a prescribed profile. The bending moment from the piezo ceramic is subsequently
added to the lagrangian of the whole system and inserted into the governing equation of motion for the flexible beam. The position of the piezoactuator will be varied from the root to the end of the beam. The length of the piezo is a third of the beam length. These positions of the piezo are tested for three modes of vibration. For each position both control techniques are used to generate the voltage control on the piezo and the results for the different
techniques are compared to each other. Keywords: piezoelectric ceramic actuators, active vibration control, assume modes method, PD control, LQR control


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Beache, K. V. A., & Fenili, A. (2017). ACTIVE VIBRATION CONTROL OF A SMART BEAM UNDER ROTATION. Revista Interdisciplinar De Pesquisa Em Engenharia, 2(20), 103–115.