The reception of the Tübingen-Milan School in Brazil


  • Perine Marcelo Pontífice Universidade Católica - SP


Plato, Principles, Kallipolis, Philosophia, Sophia


The communication starts from a reflection on a formula of the Republic (428 E), which speaks of a “city set up according to nature”. The understanding of this formula in its context, in light of the theory of Principles and the homology which this theory states in the work of Plato between the cosmos, the polis and the soul, allows us to understand why the historical existence of the philosopher is a concrete evidence of the reality of the kallipolis built in the logos.


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Author Biography

Perine Marcelo, Pontífice Universidade Católica - SP

Professor Associado da PUC-SP; Pesquisador bolsista do CNPq.



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