Extended Validation Study of the Thinking and Creative Style Scale: Development of a Shorter Version

Solange Muglia Wechsler, Barbara M Byrne


ABSTRACT - There are several measures of cognition and creative styles, however few of them are valid and short enough to be administered in different settings. Therefore, this study had two purposes: to reanalyze and obtain validity evidence of the Scale of Thinking and Creative Scale (STCS), developed by Wechsler, measuring fve styles, based on a progression of
increasingly rigorous exploratory and confrmatory factor analytic procedures, and (b) to provide a viable psychometrically sound short version of this scale. Based on a sample of 1,752 Brazilians (55% women; ages 14 to 70) living in four states (93% from Sao Paulo), results strongly supported fve dimensions of thinking and creative style, thus indicating the validity and reliability of the abridged STCS version.

Keywords: psychological assessment, styles, creativity, validity, factor


psychological assessment, styles, creativity, validity, factor

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