An overview of the Corpus Protagoreum: A Bibliographical Note on Laks and Most’s Early Greek Philosophy

Sergio Javier Barrionuevo


The recent nine-volume edition of the Early Greek Philosophy by André Laks and Glenn W. Most for the “Loeb Classical Library” collection (Harvard University Press) is announced as the new reference work. This work aims to replace the canonical edition of Diels and Kranz (1952). For this reason it includes new historiographical and doxographic perspectives. Due to the importance of the work, in this short bibliographical note I would like to review the edition of the fragments of Protagoras in comparison with previous editions of the sophist of Abdera. First, I make a historical overview of the construction of the corpus protagoreum. Then, I will concentrate on the novelties presented by the new edition of Laks and Most with respect to that of Diels and Kranz. Finally, I will make some ending remarks regarding this new collection.


Sophist; Protagoras; fragments; testimonies; corpus protagoreum

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