Primeiro repertório bibliográfico dos estudos em língua portuguesa dedicados ao Neoplatonismo da Antiguidade Tardia. Parte II : Elenco de autores e títulos

Luciana Gabriela Soares Santoprete, Loraine Oliveira, Emmannuela Freitas de Caldas


This article presents the second part of the research project which resulted in the compilation, for the first time, of a complete list of bibliographical references  in the Portuguese language relating to the Neoplatonic philosophies of late antiquity. Here Luciana Gabriela Soares Santoprete, Loraine Oliveira and Emmannuela Freitas de Caldas (who collaborated in the formal organisation) provide a technical account of the catalogue system adopted, an analysis of the set of data collected, a chronological list of all works consulted (books, articles, theses, dissertations) and their summaries, as well as four indexes: an index of contemporary authors, an index of translators, an index of antique authors and a thematic index.

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